New things

September 8, 2009

The season to date has been fantastic. We have been having a blast helping people get “out there” to experience Victoria and Vancouver Island from a bicycle saddle. It has also been a summer of all things “new”. Our new location, new staff, new tours and newlyweds have all been making this summer an exciting one.

This spring, Cycletreks moved into its brand new home at 1000 Wharf Street. Located right in the inner harbour of Victoria, we are a convenient walk from hotels, ferries and seaplanes. And with Great Pacific Adventures and Westcoast Air in the same building, you will find just about everything you need for an adventurous holiday!

The summer started off with a very adventurous couple coming all the way from New York City for their honeymoon! They spent their first three days at the luxurious Sooke Harbour House and then another three days at Fairview Farms in the Cowichan Valley. By the time the made it to Victoria and started their 3 day Gulf Island Tour, they didn’t mind Chris tagging along as the “third wheel” … or would that be fifth and sixth?P1000113

While the crew has been busy on the road with our multi-day tours, the rest of the gang has been just as busy operating city and wine tours closer to home. Our new Saanich Peninsula Wine Tour has been extremely popular! Starting every morning at 9am and following a little known trail network, riders find themselves in beautiful Brentwood Bay for lunch. Our guides then choose a couple of their favorite wineries for a tour and tasting before heading back on the world famous Lochside Trail. We are lucky enough to have some excellent wineries within striking distance of the city such as Winchester Cellars, Starling Lane, Marley Farms and my favorite, Sea Cider.

A little farther from home Chris, Rob and our new expedition guide and mechanic “Mark”, set off on a 1200km, two-week ride from Vancouver to Banff. They were working with our Italians partners Progetto Avventura who operate off-road adventures around the world. The expedition was a success and everyone left with great memories of Canada. Stay tuned this fall for more information about this route.IMG_1663

While the boys were away, our new “Girl Guide”,Kelsey, was taking care of tours back on the island. Kelsey has been a great addition to the team and was a big hit on her two tours of the Gulf Islands.

We’ve now reached the end of August but there won’t be any slowing down. September is an awesome time for visiting (and cycling) on Vancouver Island. So come down to our new shop, say hi to the new crew and catch up with the rest of us – we would love to see you.

The Islands are ablaze!!

August 2, 2009

CycleTreks has survived the heat wave in Victoria. Luke and Kelsey left July 26th for The Gulf Island Tour last Sunday on one of the hottest days of the summer. Pounding the hills of Salt Spring the group of seven sweated their way through the long day only to be pampered by the Wendy & John at Monivea B&B on Salt Spring. The group tried to suck up the cool breezes from the zodiac across to Galiano in preparation of the massive hill waiting for them in the middle of the afternoon heat. The crew made it to Pender Island and enjoyed the rolling hills before dropping into Poet’s Cove Resort (with a slight extension from Kelsey!!) where everyone couldn’t wait to hit the pool for some well deserved lounge time. We waved goodbye to Robin and Tony from Mayne as we spent the day island hopping before settling in at Sidney for the night.  Marilyn, Jean(poco dot jersey winner) and John finished the 7 day trip off in fine form stopping for a cider before lunch.It was a fantastic trip and the extra sunshine gave everyone something to brag about when they came home. Be sure to ask Luke where his helmet is? Rob and Chris and Marc are geared up for their adventure from Vancouver to Jasper while the rest of us at the shop try not to be too jealous. These guys are headed up some of the best trails in Western Canada including the TransCanada Trail. Just try not to eat all the pasta boys!

Summer Love

June 18, 2009

Summer is here. The love connection started earlier in the month when Keenan, our  apparently ‘very sexy’ mechanic, went above and beyond his duties as he stepped in as “date number 6”.   Sarah, a Vancouver writer,  decided to go on a city tour with us as her 6th of 70 dates in search of the perfect man she will go on this summer as she makes her way across our amazing country. Check out how she has been doing:

 A love our another sort was in the air as Mother and Daughter, Monika and Erna spent 3 days in the Gulf Island to celebrate Erna’sSidney, BC Birthday.

Stay tuned for photo’s of our new office’s Grand Opening  next week………

Enjoy the Summer!!

The CycleTreks Team

Spring is here!!!

April 20, 2009

After a long winter, during which we saw the first truly white Christmas in years, the sun is  shining and cycling of all sorts is in full swing.  The parking lot at Hartland Mountain Bike Park was brimming over with weekend warriors hitting the trails!

Ray, Ken and the gang with the BC randonneurs just completed their Eau de Hell Week series.  You can check out the details of this and other upcoming rides on their site:

Rob, Chris and Marc just returned from researching the details of a new exciting tour we are planning: Vancouver to Banff in 11 days, 110km/day, 80 percent off-road.   The tour will utilize the best sections of the Trans Canada Trail throughout BC and be fully supported so the riders can rip along the terrain unencumbered by bags or trailers :)

This tour was envisioned by Rob while he and his partner, Ali, rode it in 2005 as the beginning of an around the world cycling tour.  Even after cycling through more than 20 countries on that tour the Vancouver to Banff section remained high on his list of unforgettable cycling.

Feel free to contact Rob directly at: for any of the details of this upcoming tour.

checking out the Trail in the Kootenays

Checking out the Trail in the Kootenays, April 2009

As you can see, Luke’s been working hard on the new CycleTreks website, and it’s looking great!

Happy Cycling,

CycleTreks Gang

Seasons Greetings

December 9, 2008


After the conclusion of another great year we are all working hard on getting ready for the 2009 season. In particular we will be adding some mountain and road specific cycling tours for the upcoming season.
Victoria is home to many of Canada’s elites cyclist as the moderate climate and endless miles of excellent cycling trails and roads make it the perfect places to live and train.
Also, Hartland Mountain Bike Park is our hidden gem of world class, highly technical single track which offers hours of enjoyment for all levels of mountain bike enthusiasts.
Stay tuned for more details on the 2009 mountain and road tours.
Happy Cycling,
The CycleTreks Team

Sunny September

September 25, 2008

August ended with a very enjoyable 5 day Gulf Island adventure. Our guests on this trip were an extended family who traveled from three different continents to reunite for their summer vacation.

 We were happy they chose us to show them a great time. Cycling through the laid-back beauty of Saltspring, Galiano and Pender Islands with lunches on the beach, country roads and beautiful accommodations made for a great trip for every age.

 The mild and dry weather of  September and October make for some of the best cycling touring of the year here on Vancouver Island.

 The CycleTreks Team

Good times!!

Good times!!







Hot August Days

August 18, 2008

August has been keeping the boys busy. Great weather and loads of people looking to see Victoria by bike. Chris,Luke and Andrew just made it back from another successful Pacific Marine Tour.

The group saw a lone bear black crossing through Gordon River, a repeat spotting of grey whales off Botanical beach, and osprey watching us from above. Lunch at Lizard Lake was topped off with some swimming, this time it was more than just the guides enjoying the water.

Waiting on Andrew's steak

Waiting on Andrew's steak

Rob has just left with a group to tour the Gulf Islands for 5 days and we look forward to his stories and pictures.

Sunny Days with Sunscreen

July 23, 2008

July is slowly coming to a close and the boys having been busy showing off our secrets of the southern island. Chris and I came back from the Pacific Marine Tour with stories of roads less travelled, fresh salmon and Dungeness crab bbq(catered by Andrew), shooting the rapids at Cowichan River, and of course the Grey whales off the point at Botanical Beach. How much more can you pack in 5 days?

Taking in the gorge on the last day

Taking in the gorge on the last day

We’d like to thank all our guests on the trip for making it memorable and hope to see you on another. We have a couple guided day tours confirmed (Cowichan Wine Tour, Seaside) to go to finish off the month of July, anyone interested or needs more info on the tours, call or email us


Summer is in High Gear

July 14, 2008

Things having been quite busy at Cycletreks recently. Rob and Chris just got back from guiding our 3 day Taste of the Gulf Islands Tour. It was a real success with lots of blue skies and big smiles.

Looking south from Mt. Galiano

Looking south from Mt. Galiano

Luke and Chris will be leaving tomorrow on the 5 day Pacific Marine Tour. Our guests can look forward to cycling a beautiful section of the Trans-Canada Trail through the Cowichan Valley, whitewater kayaking, freshly caught wild salmon, and visiting the wild and pristine west coast of Vancouver Island.

Rob will be kept busy running day tours, including our Cowichan Valley Winery Tour. We are really excited with the latest addition to the tour, Winchester Cellars – the first licensed gin distillery on the island.

Looking forward to seeing you out there.

A busy May…….

June 2, 2008

The second half of May has been quite eventful for us here at CycleTreks.  Luke, one of our Managers, has recently returned from working on a four month journey with Tour D’Afrique.  Luckily  he brought the weather with him! The second half of the month has had more than it’s share of summer-like days. 

Our newest tour, the full-day Seaside Touring Route has proven to be a great success.  Both Abkhazi Gardens and the 360 degree views from Mount Douglas have met with rave reviews…….and only a little bit of grumbling on the way UP!!



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